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Africa Philanthropic Foundation (APF) started as a dream by its visionary founder to redefine the culture of giving in Africa and transform the development paradigm as away of enhancing ownership of development and ensuring that it benefits the poorest of the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable.

The foundation was officially founded and registered as a company limited by guaranteed in the United Republic of Tanzania in June 2013.

The foundation’s work mainly focuses on five key areas:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Philanthropy and CSR
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • Outreach and Communication
  • Data Revolution (Open Data, Citizen Generated Data, Data Visualization and Data Action)


In 2015 Africa Philanthropic Foundation co-convened Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform in collaboration with the United Nations Association of Tanzania (UNA-TZ). Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform is an open platform for civil society organizations engaging in the implementation, follow-up and review of Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 in Tanzania. The platform has over 100 community-based organizations, citizens’ movements, civil society organizations and networks in Tanzania as members throughout Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Africa Philanthropic Foundation is the Custodian of TUKO PAMOJA FUND, a citizens’ solidarity emergency fund set up to assist and provide humanitarian support to communities impacted by natural and manmade disasters in Africa.

Africa Philanthropic Foundation is a member of Africa Civil Society Working Group, Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD), Together 2030, High Level Group of CSO, Leave No One partnership, and National Joint Committee on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development.


At the heart of Africa Philanthropic Foundation theory of change is the conviction that for development to be meaningful, impact and sustainability must involve and impact the lives of the poorest of the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable.

We believe in directing philanthropy support and development efforts to the segments of the society that need them the most in order to achieve the intended transformation changes and contribute towards poverty eradication efforts at the lowest cost possible.

The Foundation avails an opportunity to philanthropists and donors to experience the problems first-handedly. Be part of the solution by participating directly in developing and implementing the solutions in partnership with the local communities. Collaborating with other stakeholders geared towards delivering real change on the ground and to benefit the lives of communities involved.

We seek to facilitate equal opportunities to access philanthropic, donor and CSR funding to rural communities and marginalized individuals/groups in Africa; instead of focusing only the elite urban communities and groups, and sometimes include the risk  of even conman as it is now.

The Foundation works in partnership with impoverished and marginalized local communities at the grassroots, and in collaboration with Government Authorities (local, national, regional), and international Philanthropists, Philanthropic Foundations/Organizations, Corporates, Donor Agencies, Bilateral and Multirateral Government Aid Agencies, Businesses and Industries and other Stakeholders in delivering sustainable solutions to the communities and furthering the aims of the foundation.




























Our Team

Stephen Chacha

CEO & Founder

Stephen Chacha is an International Relations and Development professional with 10 years experience in development programs, campaigning, research, policy and advocacy in Africa and globally. He is a member of several Steering Committees on issues related to sustainable development and has in the past worked closely with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, African Union Commission, and the African Development Bank. Stephen is also a co-founder of Africa Philanthropic Foundation. He holds post-graduate degrees in Business Administration, and Management of Foreign Relations.

Stuwart Kitila

Operations Coordinator

Elvis Mushi

Director - Research and Learning

Elvis Mushi serves as the Research Partner at f-Pal. He has 10 years of experience and expertise in market, social and political research using a wide range of action compelling research methodologies. Elvis currently serves as the Head of Research at the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) and has previously worked at Twaweza as the East Africa Regional Manager for Sauti za Wananchi, Africas first nationally representative mobile phone panel survey.
He is currently pursuing a Global Executive MBA from USIU-Africa and holds Bachelor Degree in International Business Administration from USIU-Africa.

Isaac Lyatuu

Director - Data Revolution

Isaac Lyatuu is the Data Revolution Partner at f-Pal. He has vast experiences in digital technology, data use, data management and data visualization. Isaac has developed software applications for research as well as supervised research data systems. He currently provides technical support to the institutional Demographic Surveillance System and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) on matters related to ICT. Isaac previously served as a software developer for the SAVVY project. He holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information System.

Our Projects