Zanzibar CSO Consultation – Africa Philanthropic Foundation

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The meeting started at 9.45 a.m. at UWZ conference hall at Urban district of Zanzibar by welcoming participants and allowed them to introduce themselves. Every participant mentioned his/her name and organization where he/she comes from. Total Number of 33 participants attended the meeting, 5 of them derived from Pemba and the rest 28 from Unguja.

Opening Remarks

The meeting was opened by Reynald Maeda Secretary General of UNA Tanzania. During the opening, he explained objective of the national consultation meeting of Zanzibar which is to introduce the Tanzania CSOs platform on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Agenda 2063 and establish CSOs Platform Zanzibar zone on Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063. This platform will facilitate availability of data through implementation and monitoring of SDGs in Zanzibar. These data are very important to CSOs in their advocacy work.

Message from UN: Development of SDG

After the introduction followed statement from representative of UN Sub – office in Zanzibar Madam Anna Senga. In her statement, she informed participants that the United Nations in Tanzania together with the Government has recently launched the UN Development Plan (UNDAP II) for 2016 – 2021. The plan aims to assist Tanzania including Zanzibar to achieve its national development objective as well as to support the country achieve International Development Commitments such as SDGs 2030 and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. She said SDGs will not only be driven primarily by Government, but also by evolving partnerships between governments, Civil Society, and private sector. This partnership calls for greater awareness of the contribution of Civil Society as SDGs are for all nations and people, and for all segments of society. SDGs implementation should be inclusive and responsive to the needs of the Youth – get them educated, help them develop sustainable livelihoods, and empower them to contribute more fully to a better society. Finally, she wished productive session and look forwards to collective achievements for the people, the planet and prosperity.


This topic was presented by Stephen Chacha who is Director of Africa Philanthropic Foundation (APF). The participants were informed about background to the SDGs CSOs platform, which officially started in April 2015 during a Stakeholders workshop on the MDGs and Post 2015 Development Agenda that was organized jointly by the United Nations Association of Tanzania and Africa Philanthropic Foundation. It was noticed that CSOs were doing a lot in implementation and monitoring of development plans but these initiatives were not documented hence no concrete data available for the CSOs work. To resolve this idea of establishing CSO Platform on SDGs and Agenda 2063 emerged.